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when he blew kermit and the explosion made the glasses fall back right into his face was SO BADASS that i merged without looking
5 starz!!!!!!!!!!

This is both legitimately very well animated and pretty funny, specially how you used the characters unique quirks for comedy

This is pretty awesome!


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I know this is the first day and there's definitely more to come, but I just gotta say, this is and will always be one of the most amazing things to exist not only on Newgrounds, but in the internet in general, and this perfectly encapsulates everything I adore from Newgrounds; a bunch of cool people putting effort and time to make amazing things out of their passion for the site and the community, and the result being some of the most creative ideas and concepts that no other community could ever think about

I've seen last year's Tankmas Adventure and I always thought that the concept of a game that would get updated daily with more gifts (the gifts being fanarts) that celebrate the community and the site (and the christmas spirit lol) is something so charming, and one of the main reasons why I enjoy being a part of this site so much
You never know who's going to be the next big name tomorrow, who's going to join the site and make a name for themselves, one day the frontpage might be covered with familiar faces, and the other people I've never seen before, and this is legit one of the few things that get me excited on my day (also dissapointed considering some of the shit that gets picked on dailys) and Tankmas Adventure encapsulates this perfectly, hence why I'm so excited to hop on this daily, and seeing that you can see people hanging around the map just gives this game a comfy feeling that not a lot of other games get right nowadays anymore

I know it's pretty early to give a definitive review, but the fact that I know you guys won't dissapoint and I have a pretty clear idea to what's planned considering we have last year's tankmas as a comparision, makes me sure that this is a legit banger
Congratulations to everyone working on this and collaborating on both the game and the community.

SantaSausage responds:

hey june ily

I've already completed the whole game, and honestly, it's very good, specially considering the little time you both had to develop the game and how limiting the jam and it's options were

I legitimately adore the visuals, LobsterMango always do a great job with art and charm, no complaints there, and I really dig the monochromatic visuals too
And the idea behind using speech bubbles made by your character to traverse through levels is legitimately interesting, and I really would like to see this expanded upon in the future if possible
My only real criticism is that the fact that the decceleration (most specifically when you let go a direction) could have been more instantenous, but other than that, I legitimately think this is great

You two didn't dissapoint
Good luck with the Jam, you guys.

It's a pretty short game, but I really think there's genuinely tons of potential in this simple concept
I really like how the eggs work in this game, and the time slowdown in order for you to properly aim where you're flying and where your eggs will land can definitely give you some interesting puzzles, and if expanded upon, could lead into some genuinely interesting level ideas, like some sort of upgrade that allows you to use two eggs in the air once/let two eggs stick on surfaces or other similiar stuff

I only have two criticism, the first is that the movementation could definitely be worked upon
I feel like the game is not only a little too heavy, but the movement in the air is not exactly that precise, it's hard to tell why, but I always feel like something is holding me back (besides gravity)
And the other is those transition screens, although I don't really mind them, and I don't see why anyone should, it really feels out of place, not only because the in-game chicken itself is pretty adorable, but the whole game starts with this kinda melancholic feel due to the soundtrack playing at the menu (I fucking love the track, by the way) and the fact that you spend all game inside this laboratory, the sexy chicken just feels out of place

One suggestion that I have besides tweaking the physics a little, is to add a reticle of some sorts to show exactly where your eggs are landing, but other than that, I think this is a genuinely pretty fun but short game, and I really want to see this game being expanded upon.

STANNco responds:

I've made some changes to the movement, (and level tweaks) that'll hopefully be able to be uploaded soonish to address some of those faults.
(Newgrounds doesn't let me publish changes right now for some reason)

For the transitions, it was simply cause we thought it was fun, not for everyone it seems, but i don't have any intention of removing them right now haha

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This sounds pretty nice, it's a solid song!

This is mega awesome

Seeing MindChamber making a comeback to Newgrounds is fucking awesome
You love to see it.

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hey sausage ily

femboy pirate?
more like going to walk on the plank pirate

badass as fuck(?)

Quality and Integritiy beyond anything else.
Comissions slots: 5 open
I didn't make my PFP and Banner.

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