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Windows Falls. Linux Rises.

Posted by JuneSSai - 3 weeks ago

Hello everyone, I'm finally back after a week of procastination and a whole lot of nothing

What's new? What's up?



I installed Artix Linux, and despite the trouble I had installing it and learning it at first, it's legitimately amazing how good this OS is

I always knew Linux was the superior OS, but now that I'm finally taking my time to learn how to use it myself after not touching it for quite a while (I did use it when I was younger, but didn't stick to it too much, I used the Ubuntu distro if I recall correctly) but now I have the proof in front of me why it's so good

First off all; everything is so well-optimized and runs well

And a lot of that is contributed by the fact that Linux doesn't have a million of useless services running on the background doing god knows what, eating resources that could be useful when you're trying to run anything

Everything feels so instant, starting the computer, opening files, running games (which by the way; even some of the games I had trouble running on Windows are now running perfectly on Linux, all of that with a single change of OS, let that sink in) everything just clicks, and once you use it, you won't want to go back

Second; you have control of pretty much everything on your OS

If you want to do something, then there's probably a way to do it, it's incredible the amount of customization you can have over your Linux

Third; everything can be accomplished with your terminal

You might be thinking "oh man, but just clicking a file is so convenient", well, yeah, so is using the terminal, and just because it's convenient, doesn't mean it's better

With your terminal and the Pacman package loader (the yay extension also works) you can install everything in your OS without ever leaving your desktop, wanna install Minecraft? Terminal. Wanna install Steam? Terminal. Wanna update your drivers? Terminal. and if you know what you're doing/take your time to learn how to use everything, you'll never have to leave your desktop at all, you can singlehandedly do everything through your terminal and it's amazing even if it takes a while to learn it. And you can even update EVERYTHING with few commands

Not only it's convenient, but also saves you a lot of time and effort all things considered

Fourth; .exe files? Just install wine or proton and you can pretty much get everything that runs on Windows to run on Linux if not better than it did on Windows

So... should you install Linux, and specially Artix Linux?

Yes. It's absolutely worth it, and I'm slowly seeing Linux rising in popularity and slowly becoming a real competitor to Microsoft and their awful softwares, and Linux is also open-source, so no need to hold yourself back, take a little bit of time to learn Linux, and you'll never want to go back, learn the command, install the repo library, install Qutebrowser, save yourself tons of clicks, everything will be fine and work fine, if not better than you could ever expect

That's all, I'm now a big Linux fag, and so should you

That's all people, I'll do some cool art for you soon, see you all later

Ditch Windows!

Install Linux!



Comments (4)


good lord i need to install linux

Too bad I don't have the right iq

Bro, what happened to your Twitter account. Did I miss something and not hear about you deleting it?

Yeah, I ended up deleting it
Was the right thing.