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JuneSSai's News

Posted by JuneSSai - 6 days ago


Despite the stress I had to face this week because of a few retards, this week has been pretty nice, and I got to not

only to do lots of things, but I managed to meet and re-meet some very nice people, aswell the fact that I'm finally starting to feel confident about myself and into getting into a relationship again, so all's good

Happy thanksgiving from June S. Sai (AKA. Big Whiskey)

Your favorite asshole on Newgrounds



Posted by JuneSSai - 9 days ago


I've did it

I finally did it, I hit the big leagues and got "exposed" on twitter by a bigger "artist", so I'm finally a real artist now, and I couldn't be happier, so to any new followers, or just passing by, probably to mass 0 star my submissions, I'm very happy to see Twitter hasn't changed a bit and people will still never bother to form opinions on their own and will only tunnel-vision the thing the content creator they like is saying!

Jokes aside, this is the funniest shit I've seen in a good while, all she had to do was to go "Ok, I'm sorry for posting this gif loop that I didn't even make not only under my account but under the movies section" and this shit would have been avoided, but since acting like a functioning human being is hard, I guess she decided to sperg on twitter for sympathy instead

Still, that means I'm officially on the big leagues, and I'm now a true internet artist

So please, donate to my patreon, paypal, ko-fi, and dropbox

See you all soon, I am working on a video about Sinfest, not sure how long it will take, but the script is nearly done, might be my new chance to start clean and maybe make something truly good

Have a nice night everyone!



Posted by JuneSSai - October 28th, 2021

This isn't me about to complain about life again, believe me

I have some news, some bad and some good

The good news is that; not only I'll finally be able to pay all of my credit card debts that I used to repair my computer, I'll also get enough money to fix the rooftop of one of the rooms in here, and I'll finally have my own room, meaning more time to be productive and more content will drop, and in a faster rate aswell

The bad news; my tablet is still not working and I don't have the money to buy a new one as of now, so if I end up posting art, it will probably be pixel art or 3D Stuff, or a blend of both, because traditional/digital art is pretty stressful with a tablet, and it's even more with an imprecise mouse, despite me spending most of my early days using the mouse to draw, so yeah, you might see me getting a little bit more experimental

As of now, things are finally slowing down, the fire is ceasing, and I can see and think more than just disgrace

I'll be back soon, believe me

I'm out.


Posted by JuneSSai - September 27th, 2021

Hello everyone, I'm finally back after a week of procastination and a whole lot of nothing

What's new? What's up?



I installed Artix Linux, and despite the trouble I had installing it and learning it at first, it's legitimately amazing how good this OS is

I always knew Linux was the superior OS, but now that I'm finally taking my time to learn how to use it myself after not touching it for quite a while (I did use it when I was younger, but didn't stick to it too much, I used the Ubuntu distro if I recall correctly) but now I have the proof in front of me why it's so good

First off all; everything is so well-optimized and runs well

And a lot of that is contributed by the fact that Linux doesn't have a million of useless services running on the background doing god knows what, eating resources that could be useful when you're trying to run anything

Everything feels so instant, starting the computer, opening files, running games (which by the way; even some of the games I had trouble running on Windows are now running perfectly on Linux, all of that with a single change of OS, let that sink in) everything just clicks, and once you use it, you won't want to go back

Second; you have control of pretty much everything on your OS

If you want to do something, then there's probably a way to do it, it's incredible the amount of customization you can have over your Linux

Third; everything can be accomplished with your terminal

You might be thinking "oh man, but just clicking a file is so convenient", well, yeah, so is using the terminal, and just because it's convenient, doesn't mean it's better

With your terminal and the Pacman package loader (the yay extension also works) you can install everything in your OS without ever leaving your desktop, wanna install Minecraft? Terminal. Wanna install Steam? Terminal. Wanna update your drivers? Terminal. and if you know what you're doing/take your time to learn how to use everything, you'll never have to leave your desktop at all, you can singlehandedly do everything through your terminal and it's amazing even if it takes a while to learn it. And you can even update EVERYTHING with few commands

Not only it's convenient, but also saves you a lot of time and effort all things considered

Fourth; .exe files? Just install wine or proton and you can pretty much get everything that runs on Windows to run on Linux if not better than it did on Windows

So... should you install Linux, and specially Artix Linux?

Yes. It's absolutely worth it, and I'm slowly seeing Linux rising in popularity and slowly becoming a real competitor to Microsoft and their awful softwares, and Linux is also open-source, so no need to hold yourself back, take a little bit of time to learn Linux, and you'll never want to go back, learn the command, install the repo library, install Qutebrowser, save yourself tons of clicks, everything will be fine and work fine, if not better than you could ever expect

That's all, I'm now a big Linux fag, and so should you

That's all people, I'll do some cool art for you soon, see you all later

Ditch Windows!

Install Linux!



Posted by JuneSSai - September 24th, 2021

I mean, the front page

Why do I want it?

I want to be able to use the feature of featuring posts in the front page every 13 days or so

For what?

I don't know, but I want it, and that's enough reason for me to want it

That's all honestly, other than that, nothing new



Posted by JuneSSai - September 23rd, 2021

Hope you all have fun and have a lot of cool bloodbaths through the whole day

Also, buy Madness: Project Nexus 2 when it comes out!



Posted by JuneSSai - August 31st, 2021

I'm digging it so far

I'll work on something for my art submissions soon, believe me



Posted by JuneSSai - August 31st, 2021


lmao in lowercase.

Anyways, it's always nice seeing those clowns blocking me, if you don't want your submissions of the portal, maybe read the fucking rules and guidelines and don't draw cub art you fucking degenerate manchild

Go back to Twitter, and stay there, please

Other than that, the recent days have been pretty bad, but otherwise boring

That's all, see you all later.

Edit: He also deleted all of my comments, laughable, but not unexpected all things considered.



Posted by JuneSSai - August 25th, 2021

This week was painful, everything was going so fucking wrong, my chickens had chicks but the skunk basicly killed every single chick remaining, my computer broke, and then my cellphone broke aswell right after, and things were coming back to haunt me

But at least I have my PC now

I'll probably open comissions when I get my applications back since I got locked out of my steam account due to the fact that I cannot get into steam guard

But that's about it

See ya!


Posted by JuneSSai - August 16th, 2021

I violently came and shat myself multiple times all at the same time smh smh

Anyways still no pc im dead inside

See ya