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2022, Dawn Of A New Day


I've been away for the new years eve because I was hanging around in the old place I used to live with my REAL family, so I couldn't get on NG recently, but now I'm back, unfortunately

I want to keep things brief about 2021 since we all know it was a piece of shit, go read my last logs if you're interested.

2021 sucked massive balls, I expected it to be at least a decent or quiet year, and it turns out it was the absolute fucking worst, at least until the end, I had surprisingly one of the best weeks I've had in a good while on the final days of 2021, it didn't had many fireworks, but it was nice for everything I did on that day and night

I was planning to list some of my friends in here and tell each one of them how great they are for me and the cool things they did for me, but the thing is... there's like, too many fucking people, and in many ways, although I interacted with some people more than I did with the others, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy myself as much with the others aswell, everyone was equally pretty cool to me, and I think it would be unfair to write some people down and forget/leave others behind, so all I can say is; I have the privilege of being friends with some of the coolest people out there, and I'll be forever grateful for that

Now, for 2022, I've been thinking what I want for it, and all things considered, I just want something decent, and I think

I found something even better than that

In the time I've spent away in my old home, I've felt a joy and energy for life that I've been lacking for quite sometime now, and I think that's my main objective, moving back to there, to where my friends, my family and my real life resides, because everytime I go back in there, I always feel such joy, it's an amazing feeling I've been looking for through these past few years, but recently it came back even stronger, ironically, the last days of 2021 were some of the best days I've had in a good while, and that's my first objective, taking back what's mine to take

And for the second thing, I think I want to try and find someone for me again

I know every fucking time I end up dissapointing myself, but I'm not a person made to be alone for too long, I like having (good) people around me, and being alone for too long always makes me sad, I just want to try and share something with somebody, I just can hope for the best, even though I'm most likely aware of the end result.

And lastly, I know every year I say that I want to change, but I don't want that anymore

I like being the jackass that I am, I just want to be the most cutting-edge version of myself now, with all pros and cons included, only ironing out the kinks

So you all better be ready, because a faster, more modern, slick and cutting-edge June is going to rise up this year, and it's only a matter of time until I take everything by storm, count my words, it will happen, one way or another, might not be this year, but it will happen

I hope you all have a wonderful year

It's been real.


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